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Leadership for Life: The Road Map

The 8 Key Steps to Becoming a Genuine Leader

"Live" with Kimberley J. Richardson

We are living in a 24/7 world. Work is becoming home and home is becoming work.

As the boundary that separates these two worlds disappears, we are losing sight of who we are and how extraordinary we can be when we live and lead from our core.  

Our new 8 week "LIVE" group coaching program is designed to help you increase self-awareness, improve your wellbeing and enhance personal leadership.

In this unique course you will develop the tools that will help you reach your full potential and take your personal and professional life to an entirely new level.

At the outcome of this program, you will have the road map that will help you become the person and leader, others are inspired to emulate.

Check out the modules below to see what I'll be teaching you.

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Launch date: February 18, 2021.

10:00 am - 12:00 pm EST

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Kimberley is the President and Co-founder of Imagemakers International, a leadership development company that specializes in the creation of genuine leaders. Over the past 24 years, through her keynote speeches, leadership training seminars and executive coaching programs, she has inspired thousands of individuals to reach their full potential.  

Audiences and individuals have described her as, ‘enlightening’, ‘thought-provoking’ and ‘life changing’. Formerly a top sales executive with Xerox and Oracle Canada, Kimberley has appeared on national television and her expertise has been sought out by many media outlets.

By touching people's hearts she engages people's minds and inspires everyone to be the best they can possibily be.

Here's what this course will cover...

Module 1: Genuine Leadership Defined

  • What is a genuine leader?
  • Who do you consider to be one?
  • What qualities do they possess?

Module 2: Being Genuine - Living Authentically

  • Who are you, really?
  • What are your core values?
  • Clarifying your prioritiesg your self-worth

Module 3:  Creating your Life Vision

  • Creating a life that aligns with your values
  • The importance of mindset and the power of visualization
  • Setting meaningful goals & achieving your dreams

Module 4: Personal Leadership & Life Balance

  • The 9 Components of your potential
  • Defining life balance for yourself
  • Where are you out of balance?

Module 5: Dealing with Unresolved Conflicts

  • Looking at what may be holding you back
  • Making peace with the past
  • The power of forgiveness

Module 6: The Power of Personal Accountability

  • Personal accountability defined
  • Moving from the blame frame to the outcome frame
  • Taking charge and living life at a much higher level

Module 7: Leading with Compassion & Respect

  • What respect and compassion really mean
  • Where are you neglecting your potential?
  • The correlation between respect and results

Module 8: Making a Difference & Leaving a Legacy

  • How do you want to be remembered
  • Your values will define your purpose
  • Inspiring others to emulate you

What are people saying about this unique course? 

  • “To this day, I still find your material as the most relevant sales and leadership training provided to us by Oracle." Nicole Duterte – Business Development Consultant
  • "Kimberley – awesome presentation – you are charismatic and a delight to listen to – great information that can easily be applied.”  
  • "Very engaging throughout the day: lots of practical information presented in a fun way; loved the interactive style. Kimberley's presentation style is amazing."  
  • "Kimberley did a good job presenting the material and relating to us. She spoke from a place of expertise and seemed to embody all of the strengths discussed in the workshop (ie. credibility, trust, leadership.)"~ Course Participant - Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario (CPAO)
  • "My expectations were exceeded! It’s the best training I have ever attended! Very interactive and kept my attention from beginning to end. We did indeed learn, work and think a lot!" Participant, Sandals and Beaches Resorts
  • "A lot of self-reflection. I will take a lot of the concepts home and apply them at work as well." ~ Kathy Hunter Assistant Manager -Leadership Training and Development State Farm Insurance
  • “Clarity, definition and excellent presentation. Reservations please for the next millennium.”  
  • "I enjoyed the entire course. I was able to learn more about myself and others. I appreciated how 'real' Kimberley was and I loved her stories."  
  • "Kimberley is very inspirational and a great speaker. Very touching and brings one back to what is important.”  
  • "Kimberley really touched my soul. Excellent work - thank you so much!"  
  • 'Best soft skills course I’ve attended.' - CPAO participant  
  • "Very engaging throughout the day: lots of practical information presented in a fun way; loved the interactive style. Kimberley's presentation style is amazing."

*Testimonials from participants in our live courses. 

8 weeks - 8 Modules - Limited to 10 People



Get your name on the waiting list and we'll send you more info.